How to Choose the Best Health Insurance Plan for You

How to Choose the Best Health Insurance Plan for You |
Health insurance is something everyone needs because sometimes people need to see doctors, go to the hospital, and use medications. Health insurance keeps your costs low, so you don't have to pay mounting doctor and hospital bills later in life. Health insurance helps the average person get the medical attention and prescriptions he or she needs to stay healthy for life. Without health insurance, every time you get sick you have to pay the bill to the doctors office or hospital. With health insurance you pay less, and the insurance company pays the rest of the bill.

With so many different types of health insurance plans and restrictions out there, it can be difficult finding the best health insurance for you. There are a tips for you when deciding on health insurance plans, so you can choose the best health insurance for yourself and your family.

The most important thing to look when you looking health insurance plans is coverage. Your health insurance should also cover hospital expenses such as room and board in case you are kept overnight or longer for observation or treatment. Good health insurance should also cover surgeries and any expenses associated with surgical treatment.

Beyond these typical items of coverage, health insurance plans can diverge greatly. To really understand what coverage you would utilize and which plan would save you the most money, you will need to make a list of items that you want covered in an insurance plan. For instance, do you have glasses or contacts? Then you may be more interested in a plan that covers vision - either paying for your eye exam and/or partially paying for your glasses or contacts.

Though many people think that health insurance covers prescriptions, prescription coverage is actually an optional benefit. If you are a woman and plan on having or want to have children, maternity care or family planning services are also optional benefits that you may want to consider. Once you make this must-have list of optional coverage, you can begin looking for health insurance plans that give you the opportunity to add these optional benefits.

Another item you should definitely consider when looking for health insurance plans is if your current physicians or specialists are included in the health insurance company's preferred provider network or if you have the opportunity to choose any physician. If you would like the freedom to choose your own doctor, traditional health insurance plans or preferred provider organizations may offer more attractive plans - though these also cost a little more.

And then, consider price. After researching different health insurance coverage plans and physician requirements, compare deductibles and monthly premiums to find the best deal. Often, you can get group rates through your employer, or you may find that artist organizations (for freelance artists) offer health care plans. By researching price, as well as other health insurance options, you can make the best choices for your family.

Health Insurance Plans That is Right For You and Your Family

With family insurance, you give yourself protection for the future. You’ve worked hard to save your money. If you have to go to the doctor’s for a broken bone, it could cost you hundreds of dollars in bills. With health insurance, you will cut that in half, or even less, depending on the plan that you choose. Your family’s health is important, but so is your financial security. Do the right thing, purchase health insurance so you never have to put off seeing a doctor or getting emergency medical care.

Without some type of basic health insurance for your family, it can be difficult to make that decision to take a family member to the doctor. A sore throat, a fever, or for other problems may go untreated because you are not sure you want to spend the money on something that the doctor may or may not need to treat. Without health insurance, family member may end up being sick longer and suffer more. Make that decision easier for your family. With health insurance you pay the co-payment or deductible and that’s it -- they get the attention needed for their problem.

Health insurance does not have to be expensive. Finding affordable health insurance is at your fingertips. You just need to do a little investigating. Determine what you need coverage for. If you want protection against huge hospital bills, and you don't mind paying for doctor visits, your insurance premiums could cost less. If you choose a deductible that is higher, such as a thousand dollars, your payments will be lower compared to those who have a deductible that is $250. Play with the numbers and the compare the various types of insurance to determine which insurance coverage best fits your situation.

Choosing a Health Insurance Plan For You and Your Family

The abundance of available medical or health care insurance plans on the market can make choosing a policy and a provider an intimidating proposition. Consider the following factors when searching for a health care plan that is appropriate for the needs of your family.

Working with a physician

Many health care insurance providers have a pool of doctors and health care professionals with whom they are affiliated. You may be forced to find a new family doctor if yours is not a member of this network. If you don’t mind switching doctors, take care in choosing a new physician. Ideally, see if a doctor in your area who has verifiable credentials and accessible office or clinic hours services your insurance plan. The American Medical Association can help you determine a doctor’s legitimacy and in which hospitals and medical facilities he or she has working privileges.

Access to specialists

Some plans limit coverage of fees associated with consultations with medical specialists. Read the fine print to see if your plan will pay for access to specialists. This is especially important if you have, or anticipate having, a particular condition that requires a specialist’s care. Similarly to your family doctor, you may have to switch specialists if yours is not part of the insurer’s established network. Though common, OB-GYN care may be considered specialist care, so ask specifically whether this service is available under your plan. Fertility and pregnancy treatment are also areas that should be addressed directly.

Pre-existing conditions

Verify that any pre-existing conditions you have will be covered under a new plan before you sign. You may experience a degree of flexibility on this point if you are applying for employer-sponsored insurance, but you will likely find greater resistance if you are applying for private individual health insurance.

Emergency care

Your insurance provider may insist that you go to only certain hospitals for emergency treatment, or that you contact your family doctor before obtaining emergency care. Have your provider define emergency so you aren’t left with unpaid claims for emergency room visits for conditions that don’t qualify for coverage.

Check ups and screening

There is great variance between insurance plans when it comes to check ups and screening. Determine if, and how often, you can expect to be able to submit claims for physicals and other preventative measures.


Is it covered under your proposed health insurance plan? Prescription drugs, particularly if required on an ongoing basis, are expensive. Having prescription drug costs covered as one of your health benefits can add up to substantial savings over the years. If prescription medication is a benefit of your plan, ask whether both brand and generic varieties are covered.


Additional services such as drug and alcohol rehabilitation, counseling, home care, chiropractic, massage therapy, alternative treatments and palliative or hospital care should be outlined in your service agreement. With perhaps the exception of massage therapy, no one likes to think about having to use services such as these, but it is a good idea to have them included in your health care policy if you are able to do so.


A health care insurance plan will help you manage the costs of health care, but nearly all plans incorporate a fee structure on top of the monthly premiums you pay. Fees may come in the form of deductibles, percentages of services that aren’t fully covered, or penalties if you do not comply with your agreement (i.e. you seek care from a doctor that is not affiliated with your insurer’s network). You may also have to pay for care once you surpass a monthly, annual, or lifetime limit on specific services. Find out what these limitations are before you finalize the purchase of your health care insurance.


You will reduce the potential for rejected claims if you have a clear idea of what your plan covers and what it does not. There will always be grey areas, but for the most part, you should know which claims are acceptable and which will meet resistance.

Regardless of the plan you choose, the best health care plan is still a preventative approach based on sound, moderate living.

The Things To Look For When Buying Health Insurance

Whether you have to select health insurance through your job or need to choose an independent company, there are plenty of factors that can affect your final decision. Weighing the pros and cons of various options is the best way to choose the health insurance that will accommodate your needs as an individual or family. Below are a few points to consider as you search for the best health insurance plan for you:

Know Your Choices

There are many different kinds of health insurance plans offered to the public. Knowing the various options you may qualify for will help satisfy your needs in the future. There are five type of health plans to consider: traditional indemnity, health maintenance organization (HMO), Preferred Provider Organization (PPO), Point of Service Plan (POS), and Health Savings Account (HSA). You should familiarize yourself with each option.

Know the Advantages and Disadvantages

Out of the five main types of health insurance plans, each one contains their own set of advantages and disadvantages. For example, with a traditional indemnity plan, individuals seeking complete freedom in the medical providers they can select should choose this option. But freedom comes with a price; the insurance plans produce higher rates and costs. This means individuals will face few restrictions, but also have to cope with no financial incentives that lessen patient financial responsibility.

Coverage and Benefits

An important factor to consider when choosing a health insurance plan includes the type of benefits offered and whether or not they will accommodate your needs. Some of the coverage capabilities to ask about include maternity, prescription, childcare, immunizations, emergency visits, and annual checkups.


Seeking information on the premium or employee contribution associated with a particular health insurance plan is important to make an effective decision. The cost you are responsible for will depend on the type of plan you choose; the deductible, coinsurance and co-payment; lifetime maximums, and the limitation of plan benefit coverage.

Are You Considered Hard to Insure?

If you are labeled as a “hard to insure” case, you may not find the most cost-efficient or accommodating health coverage. A few things to keep in mind include: avoiding lifetime maximums of less than $500,000, straying from plans that only offer hospital and surgical benefits, seeking out an HMO plan that tend to be the least expensive, and researching health insurance coverage provided by professional organizations, school alumni programs or unions.

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